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Legend:  spicy spicy  

B1. Fried Ginger Beef Spicy

Fried beef in spicy honey sauce with onion, pepper & celery.

S1. Hot & Sour Soup Spicy

Pork, shrimp, tofu & egg. Serves 4. Best hot and sour in town!

P17. Szechuan Spicy Green Bean with Pork Spicy

Fried green bean with chef's special hot sauce.

M14. House Special Chow Mein

Fried noodle topped with prawns, squid, chicken, BBQ pork, broccoli & black...

C4. House Special Chicken Spicy

Boneless chicken with mushroom, onion & bell pepper in our fabulous spicy...

B2. Sliced Beef with Orange Flavour Spicy

Tender beef with preserved orange (served with broccoli).

V1. Buddha's Feast Vegetables

Assortment of broccoli, mushroom, snow pea, baby corn, celery, and bok...

P8. Mandarin Sweet & Sour Pork

Tender, crispy boneless pork in our brown sweet & sour sauce.

C18. Dai Ching Chicken Spicy

Bone-in chicken, this is the dish for spicy lover.

F17. Chef's Special Mixed Seafood Sauteed

Prawns, squid, fish, scallops & veggies.