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Deluxe Menu #1

Perking Duck Duck Meat Lettuce Wraps Sauteed Prawns and Scallops Mixed...
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Deluxe Menu #2

Seasame Chicken with Jelly Fish Three Kinds of Mushroom with Assorted...
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Deluxe Menu #3

Assorted Selected Appetizer Platter Sauteed Prawns and Scallops Stuffed...
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Funeral Diner

Roasted Pork and Jelly Fish Combo Platter Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup Mixed...
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Menu #1. Family Menu

Chicken Corn Soup Perking Duck Duck Meat Lettuce Wraps Chef's Mixed...
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Menu #2. Seafood Menu

Mixed Seafood and Tofu Soup Shrimp Spring Rolls and Veggies Spring Rolls Fried...
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Menu #3. Hot and Spicy Menu

Hot and Sour Soup Spicy Wonton Fried Mixed Seafood with Pepper Salt House...
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Menu #4. Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Corn Soup Vegetarian Combo Platter Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps Szechuan...