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February 18, 2020
Food, as always, was excellent! However, the plates and fortune cookies were forgotten......again!

February 17, 2020
The third time I’ve asked for no peanuts in our Kung poa chicken but it’s loaded with nuts. The bean curd had no taste and was supposed to be black bean.
I’ve ordered here lots and it’s mostly been good. Not tonight.

February 14, 2020
So consistently great. Good quality, good value and prompt, considerate service. Missed an item in my delivery once and credited it to my next delivery with sincere apologies. Our family go to for takeout. Thank you!

February 14, 2020
We ordered two coca cola and you did not include . This is the second time this has happened to us. Last year you missed a fried rice, and when ii called you said it was on our account for next time. When I reordered a few months later you lost our credit.

Now again. Two coca cola.. I think I would prefer credit back to our card.

Please call and explain how this situation can be fixed.

February 14, 2020
I would definitely recommend, but would advise against certain dishes and warn about sizes of dishes.

Not to pricy for fair food, from $12 ‐ 15 in cost of each dish. I ordered 9 dishes and we were kinda surprised by the portions. some I'd go back for and others I wouldn't.
Chicken and rice Noodles was good. Nothing special about it but we liked it.
Salted fish and chicken fried rice I'd get again, was only $11.75 for it, love the price of that.
Lemon chicken was odd.. it didnt taste good but we weren't exactly sure what was wrong with it.
Eggplant with pork actually came with tofu which was ok cause we saw that in the picture, but couldn't see any pork, must have been small, but was good.
Black bean green beans was good, I'd order it again.
Shrimp egg rolls was very good, definitely get those again.
War wonton soup, the wontons was good and hubby liked the rest of it.
Beef and green onions, was good, sauce was similar to the black bean so it went well with the green beans
Tripe and tendon... now that dish I loved, hard to find places that make tripe nowadays.. would definitely get again, just know that while the cost is low ($7) the portions was quite small... hubby wasnt happy with the size. Oh and it is a fair bit spicy.
It all ended up being over $100... and was surprised with the portion sizes after paying that much for it all. We thought it was a bit small..
Was surprised that it was delivered in exactly 60 minutes like it had said.

Hope this helps you. Enjoy.


February 14, 2020
So delicious

February 13, 2020
Foods are delicious...so good. Excellent!

February 11, 2020
The best Chinese

February 11, 2020
Delicious like always!!!

February 09, 2020