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O5 Beef and Broccoli

O17 House Special Chicken

O19 Steamed Rice

O6 Chicken and Broccoli

O15 Mixed Vegetables & Fried Tofu

O10 Chicken & Mixed Vegetables

O9 Beef & Mixed Vegetables

O8 Chicken in Curry Sauce

O16 Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce

O14 Beef & Green Beans

O2 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

O18 Mixed Seafood & Vegetables

O11 Beef & Seasonal Vegetables

O7 Beef in Curry Sauce

O3 Beef and Tomato

O4 Chicken and Tomato

O1 Beef in Black Bean Sauce

O13 Chicken & Green Beans

O12 Chicken & Seasonal Vegetables