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Legend:  spicy spicy  

O19 Steamed Rice



O5 Beef and Broccoli

O17 House Special Chicken Spicy

O9 Beef & Mixed Vegetables

O15 Mixed Vegetables & Fried Tofu

O14 Beef & Green Beans

O2 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

O8 Chicken in Curry Sauce Spicy

O6 Chicken and Broccoli

O16 Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce

O1 Beef in Black Bean Sauce

O7 Beef in Curry Sauce Spicy

O11 Beef & Seasonal Vegetables

O10 Chicken & Mixed Vegetables

O13 Chicken & Green Beans

O3 Beef and Tomato

O12 Chicken & Seasonal Vegetables

O18 Mixed Seafood & Vegetables

O4 Chicken and Tomato